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Melbourne/Caulfield/Bayron Bay Counselling - Individuals/Adolescents, Relationships and Couples Therapy


As a licensed and experienced therapist, I am committed to nurturing a safe
and confidential environment for all individuals and couples to express
themselves freely and openly about their concerns and desired outcomes.
Knowing that you are being listened to and heard in a respectful environment

can help you navigate your way through difficult times.

Whether you are experiencing relationship or marital issues, life challenges
and stress, communication difficulties, or simply feeling stuck, I am dedicated
to supporting you by offering you tools that can enhance wellbeing and foster
more effective communication both individually and in partnership with those you love and care for.

Phone: 0412117166

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The Present

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Individuals/Adolescents Therapy

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Couples Therapy

Free 15 minute phone consultation, Individuals/Adolescents Therapy, Relationships Guidance or Couples Therapy

Hear From Our Clients

Lyra F.

I have lived in different countries and have seen several therapists but it wasn’t until I met Naomi that I felt properly understood by a therapist. She is knowledgeable, authentic and incredibly empathetic. More importantly, her sense of humour and warmth created a sense of calmness, even when I was going through difficult life changes. I instantly felt safe in her sessions and left each one clearer in my thought processes.

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