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Individuals, Couples and Relationship Therapist

Are you struggling with your relationship? Would you like to turn it around?

Your life is so hectic. Feel like it's too hard to give your relationship the attention it needs?
Do you wonder if you're just too different or whether you can get back the intimacy you used to have?
Do you wish you had a healthier connection with your partner, friend, child, or parent?
I hear you!

Largely inspired by the Gottman method, I strive to understand my client's needs, communication styles, and provide guidance to strengthen your bond.


Here are some ways I support couples and individuals with relationship concerns:

  • Effective Communication

I encourage open and honest communication between partners. Teach them active listening skills and help them express their thoughts and feelings in a respectful manner. Communication is key to resolving conflicts and deepening understanding.

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

I teach techniques for resolving conflicts constructively, such as using "I" statements, finding common ground, and seeking compromise. Taking a 20 minute break when things get heated is an essential tool.

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  • Building Trust

I assist couples in building and maintaining trust in their relationship. This involves being reliable, honest, and supportive of each other. I help them work through trust issues if they arise, such as infidelity or breaches of confidence.

  • Quality Time and Connection

I encourage couples to spend quality time together and nurture their emotional connection. This could involve activities they both enjoy, regular date nights, or simply carving out time for meaningful conversations.

  • Regular Check-ins

I urge regular guided check-ins where couples can assess the health of their relationship and address any concerns or issues that may have arisen. This proactive approach can help prevent small problems from escalating into larger ones.

Helping couples and individuals create an epic marriage, relationship, life.

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Hear from my clients


After months of struggling in our relationship, my partner and I decided to seek couples counselling. Initially, we were both hesitant and unsure if it would truly help us navigate through our challenges. However, from our very first session, we were met with warmth and understanding by Naomi, who created a safe space for us to express ourselves openly.

Throughout the counselling process, we felt truly heard and validated. Our therapist helped us to understand each other's perspectives better and provided us with valuable tools to communicate effectively. As the sessions progressed, we noticed a shift in our dynamic. We felt more hopeful about the future of our relationship and more confident in our ability to work through issues together.

The experience was incredibly satisfying, and we are grateful for the guidance and support we received. Our relationship has grown stronger as a result of our time in couples counselling, and we would highly recommend Naomi to any couple facing difficulties in their relationship.
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