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DAY 2: Ask a big question.

Typically in the honeymoon period of relationships, we tend to talk a lot. We tell our stories and our partners tell theirs and our stories are met with genuine interest and curiosity.

But over time, as the newness wears off, I hear from couples time and time again that they have become like housemates. Their conversations have become about endless lists of what needs to be done and what hasn’t been done.

Make the decision today to also discuss some bigger questions. These questions let you into each other’s worlds. They can be while you’re driving somewhere, or while you’re walking from the car to the cinema, they could be over a coffee. 

It’s in the decision to utilise these times as opportunities to connect and go beneath the surface of the iceberg that makes all the difference.



  1. How do you think you’ve changed in the past year?

  2. If you could wake up tomorrow with 3 new skills, what would they be and why?

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