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Day 4: Give a real compliment.

A relationship is made up of one unit, consisting of two people, two minds, different desires and opinions. No wonder there will be conflict - that is to be expected!

The trick to dealing with conflict and keeping love alive is the Gottman’s famous 5:1 ratio.

For every negative interaction there needs to be 5 positive interactions so that the drop of negativity is diluted and therefore loses its potency.

Affection, respect and friendship are the foundation of a marriage or any long term relationship, we need to consciously choose this, to bring it to the forefront of our minds and to train our brains so that our default is to scan for the gold.

Just like a fire, a relationship needs tending to keep it alive. In relationships we do this by choosing to see the best parts of our partners and expressing admiration by sharing what you cherish about them. 

TIP: Admiration is an action! It’s never too late to give a compliment. When our love tanks are full, the gold sparkles brighter!!!

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