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Day 7: Declare date night.

Many of my couples tell me they experience loneliness in their marriage. Some say they live parallel lives with their partners.

John and Julie Gottman’s research shows that the average amount of time couples spend in conversation is a mere thirty five minutes per week. And most of those conversations are about logistics: errands, bills or who is going to do what.

No matter how busy we are, for our relationships to be healthy, we need to make a conscious decision to connect. Relationships need attention!

Making a weekly date to go out and have fun is one way to ensure your relationship is getting what it needs to thrive and avoid loneliness. Use your imagination, be creative and together think of things to do that you will both enjoy, without distractions. This brings couples together!.

Take the time to remember why you got together in the first place. Bring back the things you used to do before your to do list got so big and reimplement those things back into your lives.

“A date is about expanding your love maps. It’s about asking open-ended questions and seeing where you end up. It’s about  being physically close to each other, in the same space, getting some positive touch from your partner, which is as refreshing as water is to a plant.”

Dates are a requirement, an investment, they should be fun. 

The fun is how dates work their magic, It works!!!

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